Deskopolitan | Paris

Location: 48 rue du Chateau d'Eau 75010, Paris
Shared Spaces from €300 /month

Summary: A Spaces To Succeed

Deskopolitan, these are real places of life where you can not only work but also relax, play sports, eat, meet and even sleep. 

Work in offices that look like desks or on a corner table in the living room or kitchen. Working alone or with people with whom we do not share the same values. We dreamed of a new work space that we would be proud of and we did it with Deskopolitan.

We have developed an exclusive range of services to facilitate your professional and personal life. We believe that a workspace should not only be used to work. It must be a place of life and of sharing in the service of innovation and success. We believe that your workspace must be in line with your ambitions and your brand.

We want to share our values ​​that move us every day and make us better. The pleasure of working and being together, collective ambition, demand, authenticity and benevolence.

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